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Environmental Site Assesment

We are highly experienced in the environmental evaluation of commercial property. Our services range from evaluating available property information to implementing on-site tests and  samples, and offsite lab analysis. We have worked throughout the United States on jobs ranging from single-site purchases to multi-site predevelopment land.

What is Phase 2 of an Environmental Site Assessment?

After the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment is complete, which means we have made visual observations, and researched historical use and regulatory records, CK Solutions will then determine if there is a need for a Phase II Site Assessment. Our goal with this Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment is to assess the actual presence of environmental contaminants.

We will sample the soil and the surrounding water for signs of contamination. We inspect interior spaces for mold, radon, or lead paint. Then our environmental consultant will compare the lab results with local, state, and federal regulatory guidelines. At CK Solutions, we also like to identify any wetlands, ecological resources, or endangered species that may prevent future use of the land in question.

If, and only if, contamination has been identified during the Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment, we must continue with the next step- Phase 3.

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Phase 1

Phase I is conducted in general conformity with ASTM 1527-13 and includes many additional business environmental risk items.
Phase 2 Environmental Consulting

Phase 2

Phase 2 deals with soil, groundwater, and Surface Water Contamination Assessment. We investigate the specific recognized environmental conditions discovered in Phase I of the environmental site assessment and then generate hard data.
Phase 3 Environmental COnsulting Denver

Phase 3

Phase 3 deals with Remedial Investigation and/or Opinion of Remediation Cost Estimates which build on what was discovered in Phase 2 and then seeks to decide to what extent and severity is the identified contamination problem.

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