Storm Water Management

We offer efficient Drainage Engineering Designs, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans, Stormwater Site Inspections per NPDES requirements, and Hazardous Materials Site Management. CK Solutions provides Professional Engineering signature and oversight of City of Denver and CDOT required Erosion Control Plans, Spill Containment, Countermeasures Plans, and Erosion Control Inspections.

What is Storm Water Management?

According to the Environmental Protection Act (EPA), Stormwater Management is the effort to limit the amount of rainwater run-off or melted snow into lawns, streets and other sites, as well as the improvement of water quality.

When soil absorbs stormwater, it is either filtered and used to replenish aquifers, or it flows directly into rivers and creeks. This water can carry debris, bacteria, chemicals, eroded soil, and other pollutants into our streams, rivers, and lakes. CK Solutions will design and execute effective Soil Erosion countermeasures to assist our clients with maintaining environmental health and safety protocols.

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  • Stormwater Management Services

    • Weekly inspections

    • We offer Site inspections/audits of your properties stormwater run-off

    • We can design your Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)

    • We can offer Product suggestion and site designs to help manage your the stormwater discharge of your construction or industrial site

    • Employee training for your employees or subcontractors

    • We provide consulting and technical guidance for your present stormwater plans to help facilitate regulatory compliance

    • Technical drainage study with a third party project review in Colorado

    • We can prepare your Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan (SPCC) in Colorado.

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