Phase I

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment

What Is Phase 1?

In 1980, the legislature passed a law known as the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act of 1980 (CERCLA). This act holds the owner of any property that is contaminated with hazardous material responsible for remediation, even if the contamination was caused by a prior owner or user.

In defense of property owners who didn't know their property was contaminated, a provision was made known as the "Innocent Landowner Defense". This provision protected the current owners from the responsibility of cleaning up the contamination only if they could prove due diligence prior to purchase.

 This is where CK Solutions comes in. We perform a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment of the property before a change of ownership. During this 1st Phase, we assess the property visually, not getting too much into testing for soil erosion or specific air tests like Air Asbestos Testing. If we, as professional environmental consultants determine there is a chance for site contamination, CK Solutions is fully capable and environmentally responsible for delving into further investigative tests, which brings us to Environmental Site Assessment- Phase II.

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Phase 1

Phase I is conducted in general conformity with ASTM 1527-13 and includes many additional business environmental risk items.
Phase 2 Environmental Consulting

Phase 2

Phase 2 deals with soil, groundwater, and Surface Water Contamination Assessment. We investigate the specific recognized environmental conditions discovered in Phase I of the environmental site assessment and then generate hard data.
Phase 3 Environmental COnsulting Denver

Phase 3

Phase 3 deals with Remedial Investigation and/or Opinion of Remediation Cost Estimates which build on what was discovered in Phase 2 and then seeks to decide to what extent and severity is the identified contamination problem.

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