Emissions Testing

CK Solutions can provide your emissions and stack testing needs for any industry. We are qualified to perform almost all EPA, NIOSH, and NCASI test methods. We aim to provide the most accurate, reliable, and cost-effective solutions available and are well-equipped to perform tests simultaneously where desired.


The first thing that gets checked on any emission inspection is ventilation. A building without ventilation is usually the culprit of sickness or death since the noxious fumes can build up and cause human harm. OSHA set the CO exposure standard at 50ppm for an eight-hour period, which is why regular air quality testing is crucial (as seen in OSHA 1910.146/ title 29).

It is pivotal for all LPG, gas, and diesel trucks to be properly taken care of in order to keep your valuable workers safe. We typically see emissions issues when someone winds up becoming ill through the misuse of equipment. 

orange excavator shoveling dirt
major smoke pollution coming from big industrial stacks
  • We provide services related to measuring emissions AKA “stack testing” such as

    • Analysis of test programs that arent yielding appropriate results
    • We design and implement test programs
    • We offer expert witness services related to test program issues
    • Test program management
    • We offer training courses to help employees familiarize with emissions measurement programs.

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