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CK Solutions has over 20 years of experience in Environmental Health and Safety consulting. We offer you the expertise of Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH) and Certified Safety Professionals (CSP) who have extensive working knowledge in fields such as Chemistry and Engineering. We work closely with organizations such as OSHA and the CDC staying up to date on all EHS procedures and EPA compliance.

By ensuring you’re in compliance with the appropriate laws governing your environmental conditions, we can contribute to protecting the environment while keeping health and human safety a top priority. CK Solutions cares about your safety and success; therefore, we provide operational and safety support, and training programs to businesses, their employees, and organizations covering all local and government laws, regulations, expectations, and procedures.





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PE signed and reviewed SWMPs;

Erosion control Plan inspections and management;

RACS, VOC, Metals contaminated soil management;

Awareness training sessions as specified by Materials Management Plan and CDPHE, CCD, OSHA, etc.

Abatement and Containment Plans signed and reviewed by a CIH;

On site visits to the site to perform OSHA compliant exposure assessments;

Materials, groundwater, soils sampling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You handle Petroleum Contaminated Soil?

We have surprisingly heard this a few times before so we figure we would address it. Yes, we do handle petroleum-contaminated soil. We handle any contaminated waste that needs to be disposed of. 

Can you help me build and implement EHS Training Programs?

Yes, we help promote EHS awareness among all site employees, including outside contractors to assure compliance with established corporate policies; this includes the development, and revision of facility-specific policies and procedures in addition to federal, state, local, and international regulatory requirements. 

What states do you do work in?

Most work is done in Colorado, however we have been known to work in multiple states per contract.

Are you really a Full-Service Environmental Firm?

We do provide full service environmental services. We have a team that handles the consulting, training, building of the programs and the actual implementation of the environmental tasks at hand. We truly are a full service environmental service firm.

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